How to Get Additional Recycling Bins from the City of Little Rock

The New 64-Gallon Little Rock Recycle Bin

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that the old curbside recycling tubs are gone from the Little Rock recycling scene. On a windy day, so many much loose trash would blow out of those things that our street was easy to confuse with the Little Rock landfill.

But the new, larger roller bins also feel painfully insufficient now that recycling pickup has moved from weekly to every other week. They’re especially painful if you, like me, forget that it is a pick-up week and then have to wait another two weeks to empty the bins.

Thankfully, the wife called the Little Rock solid waste department and found out you can order additional large, rolling bins at a rate of about $2 per month ($25 per year). They’ll even drop it off for you (though our new bin didn’t come for nearly a month after the initial call).

To get another one of the large recycling bins, all you’ve got to do is call 311.

On a side note, Little Rock actually offers all kinds of crazy recycling and disposal services free of charge, including FREE large item pick up (they picked up an old file cabinet for me, free of charge). Other services Little Rock offers free of charge are tire disposal, household chemical disposal, electronic disposal, and (wait for it, wait for it…) dead pet disposal.

For more information on any of Little Rock’s disposal or recycling services, call 311 or visit the City of Little Rock website.

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